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DBMOTOR CO., LTD. dbmotorlighting is a privately owned Automotive and Motorcycle Auxiliary Lighting plant in Taiwan as a SUBSIDIARY who has been assisting well-known Tier-2 projects of OEM parts from suppliers TYC and DEPO.  Qualified Tier-1 projects of Aftermarket ODM products through traders selling into USA. We are proud of our stunning experience and achievement after a non-stop growth spurt in industry.

DBMOTOR CO., LTD. dbmotorlighting is well-trained and cohesively integrated to be a qualified LIGHTING and BODY SUPPLIER who is ready to step out toward the world's demands.  We vertically integrated into  a professional teamwork that has been accomplishing the projects to meet our customers's satisfaction.   We are are in a position of providing the professional solutions of OEM, ODM and AFTERMARKET projects such as Lighting, Grille,   SMD Led and accssories application.

OUR MISSION  is to ensure you of our best service of Price efficiency  ->  Quality acceptance  ->  Punctual delivery  ->  Products oriented recognition and Commitment confidential up to customers' satisfaction.